Poreski konsalting

As a result of hiring the accounting agency PRO-OFFICE as a tax advisor, our clients are provided with advice on complete tax issues, including planning and structuring indirect taxes, assistance in communicating with tax authorities and resolving disputes with them, optimizing corporate income tax liabilities, advisory transfer pricing services, information on investment incentives by the state to encourage investment, personal income tax and social security, etc.

PRO-OFFICE Agency provides tax advisory services for all foreign investments, taking into account the investment structure and core business of the company, in order to help them take advantage of the tax system to the fullest extent. Our services include:

  • Compilation of tax reports and balance sheets for legal entities and individuals
  • Tax review
  • Preparation and submission of tax returns and forms for legal entities and individuals
  • Tax advice and opinions in tax assessment and tax optimization
  • Tax representation before the competent state authorities
  • Tax consulting in order to reduce tax liabilities within the limits of the law
  • Tax planning