Izrada poslovnih, finansijskih i biznis planova

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PRO-OFFICE Agency provides consulting services and development of all forms of plans that will help you in the realization of business ventures, plans needed to secure credit loans, planning certain business and financial categories, providing data relevant to making quality business decisions.

As part of the development of the business plan, PRO-OFFICE agency offers the following services:

  • market analysis (evaluation of supply and competition, sales or service market, procurement market and marketing)
  • technical elements of investment (description of technical-technological process, consumption of raw materials, energy, technical structure of investment, etc.)
  • economic and financial analysis (income and expenses of goods, raw materials, intermediate goods and services, number of months of work in the first year, labor costs)

Providing services in the field of finance, as follows:

  • development of investment programs and business plans to obtain loans from domestic and foreign lenders
  • development studies and feasibility studies
  • development of annual business plans
  • preparation of annual financial statements
  • presentation of projects to potential investors