Company registration

In cooperation with notaries and legal experts, Agency Pro-office registers various forms of legal entities and entrepreneurs and provides a complete registration service.

Pro-office provides core services  in process of registration legal entity:

  • Preparation and drafting of the founding act (decision or agreement of association)
  • Payment of the founding contribution (temporary account) in one of the commercial banks
  • Entry in the register of the competent Court
  • Making stamps
  • Statistical number – Assigned by Bureau of Statistics
  • Tax Number (JIB) – Assigned by Tax Administration
  • Opening a bank account
  • VAT and Customs Number – Assigned by Indirect Taxation Authority of BiH
  • Business fiscalization
  • Registration of taxpayers in the Unified system of registration, control and collection of contributions

as well as a number of other services such as:

  • Change of company name;
  • Change of the company’s registered office;
  • Change of founder;
  • Change of company activity;
  • Establishing and deleting branches.
  • Changes in the form of organization;
  • Change of legal form, recapitalization;
  • Increasing the founding role.
  • Liquidation of the company;
  • Bankruptcy of the company