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In  today’s   financial   and   business   world,   everyone  needs  reliable  and  professional support in managing their personal and business finances.

Our motto  is  to  be  recognized  as  someone  close t o the  activities of development and application  of  business  solutions  as  well  as  the  provision of quality services related to accounting, finance, and consulting services. Pro-office agency was established by keeping in mind these principles and it applies them in daily business activities by using its human and technical resources to provide quality services to clients. We perform our services in a precise and dedicated manner.

We are a creative and dynamic accounting team  that  offers  quality  support  for  all  your  accounting   and   tax business  requirements. Our  core  business  is   accounting,  but  we  also  have   enough   experience   to   help  your  business with  the  challenges  itmay face. Furthermore,  we  have  a  reliable  and quality  network  of  external  associates  whose expertise can provide further assistance.


We invite you to browse our website and have a look at the services we offer. If you would like to know more about us and our business, please contact us to discuss your business needs.