Company registration

In cooperation with notaries and legal experts, Agency Pro-office registers various forms of legal entities and entrepreneurs and provides a complete registration service. more detail

Bookkeeping services

Accounting agency PRO-OFFICE has knowledge in the field of local and international accounting practice. We offer you a complete range of professional accounting services, financial reporting, and services of communication with tax authorities and harmonization of regular obligations of taxpayers with legal regulations. more detail

Tax consulting

As a result of hiring the accounting agency PRO-OFFICE as a tax advisor, our clients are provided with advice on complete tax issues, including planning and structuring indirect taxes, assistance in communicating with tax authorities and resolving disputes with them, optimizing corporate income tax liabilities, advisory transfer pricing services, information on investment incentives by the state to encourage investment, personal income tax and social security, etc. more detail

Development of operational, financial, and business plans         

PRO-OFFICE Agency provides consulting services and development of all forms of plans that will help you in the realization of business ventures, plans needed to secure credit loans, planning certain business and financial categories, providing data relevant to making quality business decisions. more detail