About us

Over   the   course   of   many  years  of  professional  work, Pro-Office Agency  has raised its services  to  a high level  and  has  become recognizable as  one of  the leading bookkeeping agencies. Affordable  prices of  bookkeeping  services, professionalism and accuracy in work make us attractive to potential clients

Pro-office Agency  will  perform  any  service  belonging  to our  business sphere that a client requires at any time.

By  professionally  providing   the   highest  quality  services in the domain of administrative, economic  and  financial  operations, from the establishment of the company throughout its existence,  Pro-Office    Agency    enables     small     to    medium  –  sized   enterprises   and entrepreneurs  to  fully  devote   themselves to their core business, and to trust us to handle their administrative tasks effectively.

Services   that    Pro-Office  Agency   provides   include    complete   processing   of  business documentation,  financial  bookkeeping  for small and  medium  enterprises, entrepreneurs, payroll  accounting  and other  accompanying activities, as well as keeping business records, preparation of financial reports and monitoring of regulations.